Microservices and Serverless Computing

"The philosophy of the microservices architecture essentially equates to the Unix philosophy of 'Do one thing and do it well.'" -- Wikipedia

Lesson 1

For organizations with large, monolithic applications, adopting a microservice approach should prove beneficial because:

  • They are simpler to understand than a monolithic application.
  • They are easier to scale: only the part of the overall application that is the bottleneck needs to be given more resources.
  • It is easier to do continuous delivery when it is microservices being updated, rather than an entire monolithic application.
  • There will be looser coupling between components of the system when it is built on microservices.
  • Bugs are isolated in a microservice and can't bring down all components of a system.
  • They enable more freedom of choice among technologies, as each microservice team can choose different languages, libraries, databases, and so on.
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Lesson 3
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