Cooperation and Communication

"The most efficient and effective method of conveying information to and within a development team is face-to-face conversation." -- The Agile Manifesto

Lesson 1: Release it!

For lesson 1, please read:
The flattening of the software release process

Lesson 2: Breaking down silos

For lesson 2, please read:
Breaking down silos
Breaking Down Silos with Cross-Functional Teams

Lesson 3: Using Slack

For lesson 3, please go through these Slack guides:

Other Readings

    The DevOps dashboard...?

    1. shows how each change affects the entire system in every stage in the progression to deploying to production
    2. is another name for the kanban board
    3. provides real-time information on the software system
    4. both A and C

    To increase collaboration between development and operations teams, one should...?

    1. broaden the skill set of engineers
    2. ensure collective ownership
    3. establish cross-functional teams
    4. all of the above

    What is our main tool for communication in our course?

    1. git
    2. Docker
    3. Kubernetes
    4. Slack

    To have a solid understanding of computer systems one needs...?

    1. practical understanding of programming
    2. theoretical understanding of programming
    3. both A and B
    4. NOT to understand programming

    We want to script our environment so that...?

    1. environments are always in a known state
    2. we lessen the chance that knowledge is locked in team members' heads
    3. deployments are more predictable and repeatable
    4. all of the above

    The most essential element of employing DevOps is...?

    1. making cultural change in an organization
    2. finding the right tools
    3. having as many operations people as developers
    4. building silos between the teams

    "Chaos Monkey" is...?

    1. a tool Netflix developed to intentionally crash their servers
    2. a description of who is in charge of most software projects
    3. the state of infrastructure before DevOps
    4. none of the above

    In DevOps, "silos" refers to the fact that...?

    1. departments in organizations often seemed sealed off from each other
    2. good software should be divided into "silos"
    3. granaries are major users of software
    4. all of the above

    Each member of a cross-functional team needs to...?

    1. write tests
    2. write scripts
    3. version
    4. all of the above

    Company's development and operations teams' aims are in inherent conflict because...?

    1. operations is measured by the system's stability
    2. development is measured by the number of features it makes available
    3. both A and B
    4. neither A nor B