The DevOps cycle

Course Modules

  1. Software Engineering and Programming Fundamentals
  2. The Modern Software Engineering Way of Work
  3. Cooperation and Communication (Tool: Slack)
  4. Incremental Development (Tool: git)
  5. Automating Builds (Tool: make)
  6. Workflow (Tool: kanban boards)
  7. Automated Testing (Tools: pytest)
  8. The Twelve-Factor App
  9. CI/CD (Tool: Travis-CI)
  10. Infrastructure as Code (Tool: Docker)
  11. Cloud Deployment (Tools: Kubernetes and Heroku)
  12. APIs, Microservices and Severless Computing (Tool: Flask RestX)
  13. Monitoring (Tool: StatusCake)
  14. Security (Tool: in-toto)
  15. Complete DevOps Suites (Tool: Azure DevOps)